It’s a new technology that provides custom-made foot orthotics molded directly under your foot. Easy, fast and efficient, this method ensures control and unmatched accuracy.


Customize Your Orthotics

Discover our three models of foot orthotics specifically developed to suit different types of feet. Depending on the degree of control required, we carefully choose the model best suited to your needs. Custom foot orthotics enable us to treat your foot or posture problems efficiently and accurately.


Imagine the best there is


 We have finally designed it

See the world around you from a different angle, use the best technology to propel customization to another level, do things differently in order to provide excellence in the field of orthotics.



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Why Kostomize?

Innovative Technology

This method of orthotics fabrication by injection is the most innovative to date. Kostomize has combined precision and control to create excellence. All this to better relieve you and to allow you to maximize your movement. You will no longer have any limits with these foot orthotics.

Fast and Efficient Fabrication

You can take your orthotics home after the first consultation. Injection molding allows us to make the required corrections and see the impact on your feet in real time. You can work in synergy with the specialist to ensure comfort and optimal results.

Improved Support

Liquid resin injection helps to evenly distribute pressure under the foot. The result is improved comfort and efficient support for better relief. In addition, its rigid base stabilizes the foot orthotics so that it works well in different types of shoes.



Personalized Consultation

If you want to know more about Kostomize foot orthotics and different solutions for your foot pain, please contact us. Our specialists will make an accurate assessment and will recommend the proper orthotics. Appointments are fast and orthotics offer excellent value for money.


Overcome Limits

Pain will no longer stop you.Contact us to find out how to get Kostomize foot orthotics.