01 October 2013

Philippe Durocher, T.P., received honorable mention for technological innovation of the year

Montreal, October 1, 2013 - At its annual meeting held on 28 September, the Association of Professional Technologists of Quebec (OTPQ) awarded the honorary mention of technological innovation of the year Philippe Durocher TP, CEO laboratory Ortho-Duro Inc. (Laboratoire Bergeron). Working in the field of orthotics orthopedic implants for 10 years, and always looking for new ideas, Mr. Durocher created Kostomize. This is a method which will significantly improve the accuracy of orthotics, ensuring even better comfort to the client. In 2012, Mr. Durocher was a finalist at the Canadian competition "price BDC Young Entrepreneur".

Foot orthotics manufacturing methods have advanced very little in recent years, leading to recurrent accuracy problems when the patient's foot impression unit. Not only the customer had to run twice for the impression, but sometimes waiting up to three (3) weeks for delivery of its orthotics because of the many corrections to make. Kostomize is a prefabricated insole formed of an expandable membrane in which may be injected a thermosetting liquid resin which solidifies within 15 minutes. By inflating under the effect of this resin membrane to produce a uniform under the foot applied pressure, which ensures a comfortable fit. The "cradle" in which are the prefabricated sole and foot the patient comes deposit is controlled electronically. This allows the technologist to manage the pressure on each of the regions of the foot. Once the resin is harded, customers can leave with his orthotics!