Available in three distinct models, Kostomize foot orthotics suit almost everyone who has foot problems. They easily adjust to shoes and are easy to maintain. In addition, these orthotics provide exceptional accuracy, allowing for good control corrections that result in better pain relief.


Foot orthotics are made directly under your foot, allowing you to feel the effect of the corrections immediately and to customize according to your comfort level. Assessment, fabrication and delivery in one single appointment. Efficiency, speed and quality make Kostomize unique!


These orthotics provide good rigidity for maximum support. They promote proper foot alignment by controlling unwanted movements with strength and effectiveness.

DynamiK foot orthotics promote foot movement without blocking them. This dynamic orthotics provides ideal energy return for sports or active people who are looking to improve performance.


This orthotics model provides flexibility for lighter support. Its flexible structure allows it to adapt well to foot movements, while providing support.



Three models to treat your foot pain. Each model has unique properties to better adapt to your specific problems.