After 5 years of research and development, Kostomize technology is now accessible to all professionals and customers looking for quality, consistency and efficiency. Foot orthotics are designed to provide complete control and unmatched treatment efficiency. Kostomize is a proven method that is revolutionizing the industry. Try it now.



Unique Foot Orthotics


Perfect Mold


High precision pressure transducers control the force applied to the foot to make the necessary corrections in the three arches of the foot, the inner, outer and transversal. The resin fluid makes it possible to evenly distribute the pressure in each of these zones.


Fabrication by Injection


During injection, the customer can follow the general centre of mass in real time. You can also observe the alignment of each foot to make sure there is good load distribution for perfect molding.


Control and Precision


Kostomize technology allows you to obtain control and accuracy that has not been available up until now in the fabrication of custom foot orthotics. Everything has been developed and designed to offer a premium product that will ensure accurate treatment and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Kostomize?


This innovative technology opens up new opportunities for all professionals.

Kostomize is a powerful tool that pushes the limits of current fabrication methods.

It is now your turn to explore the limits and get the most from Kostomize.




Accessible to all professionals


Kostomize technology is intended for all professionals working in the field of molded orthotics. By offering this technology to your customers, you will provide them with highly effective treatment that promotes healing and/or alleviates problems related to feet.


Save Time and Money


Orthotics are made in one appointment. Patients take their place on the docking station and then begin the injection and the necessary corrections. A few minutes later, your orthotics are ready for finishing. No need for a second appointment to pick them up.


The latest technology at competitive prices


Kostomize technology is offered at a competitive price and is an excellent return on investment for its users for many reasons. It’s a winning formula for both professionals and customers.



 Become a Kostomize Distributor

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